RE/MAX EDUCATION - strength is in its people

There are more than 88 487 reasons that the RE/MAX organization is the global leader in real estate sales. These reasons are our Sales Associates, in more than 6 321 offices in more than 90 countries.

Are you looking to become true industry professionals?
To develop and keep sales professionals requires ongoing motivation and advanced training. When you join RE/MAX, you are not only affiliated with the worldwide network of top professionals but have the opportunity to take advantage of RE/MAX Education and a communication network like no other. We train outstanding agents to achieve outstanding results.

We encourage our Sales Associates to refresh their skills and update their knowledge – to be in tune with their customers changing needs. Education and training is key as only most qualified Sales Associates are capable of delivering the level of service that RE/MAX customers have come to expect.

We provide all the training
After a careful selection process, you will undergo the RE/MAX training process where you will learn practical and efficient techniques that will allow you to immerse yourself quickly in the real estate sector. From there, with a will to work and some persistence the results will start to come your way quickly.

Career development programs and training 
RE/MAX has long had a reputation for outstanding customer service. Our Career Development programs and specific trainings are designed to ensure that both office owners and sales associates maintain this reputation, while enhancing their skills and earning potential. Education is the key to success and the hallmark of a professional. It increases productivity and improves retention.

RE/MAX has the most comprehensive, advanced and accessible agent and owner training in the real estate industry worldwide. For both broker/owners as well as sales associates RE/MAX is constantly developing an advanced training program focused on continuous professional development. Trainings focus on increasing sales and achieving success in real estate based on the experiences of the best real estate associates and industry experts worldwide.

RE/MAX has comprehensive and ongoing training programs, such as the Career Development Model (CDM) or SUCCEED (eight-week in-office business start-up program), ongoing classroom seminars, advanced development programs, conventions, as well as distance learning opportunities. With RE/MAX University (available on RE/MAX Mainstreet), RE/MAX Affiliates can find streaming videos and resources to download online, broadcasts via the RE/MAX Satellite Network (RSN), which provides access to a wide range of training.

Training Objectives:

  • Provide Brokers and Sales Associates with the best information, advice and guidance for a profitable, stable, long-term real estate career.
  • Ensure ongoing training support as the market and your needs change.
  • Mentor Brokers and Sales Associates with an on-site follow-up system. 
  • Help Broker attract and develop the best people.

RE/MAX Europe’s Career Development Model has been created to build estate agency careers. RE/MAX has long had a reputation for high quality customer oriented service, delivered by professionals. The Career Development Model assures that identity will continue.

The Career Development Model was born in Europe and was specifically created for the European marketplace. Some programs have been designed to meet the needs of those people building a new estate agency career while others are aimed at those with previous experience. A separate segment of the program has been specifically created for RE/MAX Franchise Owners.

All program facilitators are trained and approved by RE/MAX Europe to ensure that every Broker/Owner and Sales Associate has a similar training experience for the highest quality, most consistent customer service.

The Objective

To provide an industry leading, multi-faceted Career Development Program specifically designed for RE/MAX Regions, franchise owners and agents in Europe.


CDM training programs for Sales Associates

CDM training programs for Brokers/Owners