CDM training programs for Sales Associates

CDM training programs for Brokers/Owners

“ RE/MAX Recruiting”

To say that recruiting is important to your business is an understatement. The growth of the RE/MAX network is dependent upon the ability of the franchise owner to hire and develop quality RE/MAX estate agents.

This program introduces the proven RE/MAX concepts that lead to successful recruiting. It covers all essential elements of recruiting and retaining high quality estate agency professionals and incorporates the building of Recruiting and Retention plans.

The contents of the program have been designed for RE/MAX franchise owners:

  • The RE/MAX Recruiting Concept
  • Personal Contact Recruiting Systems
  • The Recruiting Strategy
  • The All Important Interview
  • Follow Up, Close and Transition Process
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Retention-Based Leadership

This training program is designed for the franchise owners and office managers who have successfully completed “Your RE/MAX Franchise“ course.


Nov. 1, 1994, marked the debut of the RE/MAX Satellite Network (RSN), the first and still the only such service offered by any major real estate franchise company. An integral piece of RE/MAX University, RSN has revolutionized the RE/MAX organization, disseminating news, training, professional education and the entire corporate culture across the international network.

The culmination of decades of RE/MAX experience, RSN is the ultimate educational medium, created to keep RE/MAX top producers "Out in Front". It is the most extensive motivational and advanced training system in the industry.

Without the time and expense of travel, RE/MAX Associates and administrative staffs benefit daily from RSN educational programming. It is available online via streaming video, or via satellite in most North American RE/MAX offices. U.S. agents can receive it at home. And it's free, whether received in an RSN office or at home.

Watch RSN Online

Many RSN programs are available to you online anytime, anywhere. If you have a high-speed Internet connection, you can watch smooth streaming video of entire broadcasts. New programs are added regularly.

Program types include:
  • Advanced training in technology, management and marketing
  • Interactive presentations on timely real estate topics
  • Profiles of superstars and industry experts
  • Consumer-oriented tips and techniques
  • Training for RE/MAX Broker/Owners, Sales Associates, assistants and office staffs
  • Motivational speakers