CDM training programs for Sales Associates

CDM training programs for Brokers/Owners

“Your RE/MAX Career”

This course introduces the basics of the real estate business RE/MAX style. Specific topics include building a foundation for business, working with vendors, working with buyers and high level consumer service. This is a two day program that is a prerequisite for SUCCEED.

The objective of this program is to establish prospects and increase you production quickly. This course is a proven way to quick-start your career the right way. Differentiate yourself from your competition and create your own competitive advantage.

There are many assignments in this program. It is highly interactive and doesn’t contain a great deal of lecturing. The contents of the program have been designed for new agents wanting to establish a career with RE/MAX:

  • The RE/MAX Difference
    Reactive vs. proactive marketing
  • Building Your Business
    Key concepts vital to your success Strategies for building your business
  • How to be Successful
    The four fundamental truths
    Qualities of a RE/MAX Sales Associate
  • Working with Sellers
    Factors that control salability
    The listing process
    The vendor phone call
    Preparing for the listing presentation
    The face-to-face presentation
    Handling vendor objections
  • Ways to Get More Business
  • For Sale By Owner
    The FSBO challenge
    Getting listings from FSBOs
  • Taking a Listing
    Should you take this listing?
    Unmotivated vendors
  • Working with Buyers
    What do buyers want?
    The buyer phone call
    Buyer Consultation Session
    Qualifying a buyer
    Viewing properties
    The closing process
  • Getting Referrals
    How to win customers for life?
    Quotes on getting referrals